Experience and Human Values

The Power of Human Capital

We are strongly convinced that it is still human capital that makes a difference in the market. Experience and professionalism are important assets that accompany companies to success.

About Us

Areapharm è un acceleratore di crescita dedicato alle aziende del settore del benessere e della cura della persona, fondato su oltre 30 anni di esperienza manageriale dei suoi soci fondatori in contesti di medie e grandi dimensioni. 

Our Mission

Areapharm is a growth accelerator dedicated to companies in the wellness and personal care sector, founded on over 30 years of managerial experience of its founding partners in medium and large contexts.

Why Choose Areapharm

We distinguish ourselves through our approach centered on the individual and their fulfillment, both professionally and personally. With Areapharm, success is defined by the company's growth and the happiness of the people who make it up.

How We Operate

Our methodology is based on a deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges of each client, allowing us to develop tailored solutions that lead to tangible and lasting results.

People at the Center

We believe that the key to success lies in integrity, empathy, and collaboration. We support companies in achieving their goals by creating an environment where commercial excellence and individual well-being harmoniously merge.

Our Specializations

Lavoriamo attivamente nell'ideazione e nell'attuazione di strategie mirate, creando solide reti commerciali e facilitando l'accesso a nuovi mercati. 

We Build Your Success Together

Our methodology is grounded in a thorough understanding of each client's specific needs and challenges, enabling us to craft bespoke solutions that yield tangible and lasting outcomes.
We are convinced that the keys to success are integrity, empathy, and collaboration. We support businesses in achieving their goals by fostering an environment where commercial excellence and individual well-being seamlessly intertwine. With Areapharm, success is measured by the company's growth and the happiness of its members.

i fondatori

Amedeo Biggiogero

Sales Area

For over 30 years, i have held managerial roles in sales and commercial areas for multinational companies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and health sectors.
Alessandro bronzetti

Marketing Area

I began my professional career in 2003 as a product manager in the health sector, eventually taking on the role of marketing director for various international companies over the last 15 years.

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